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Bingocams is 100% unique, as they offer their online bingo players the opportunity to use their webcams whilst they are playing bingo.  This means that players will be able to talk face to face with other members of Bingocams and of course they will also be able to see all the different CM (Chat Managers) in person as well, which we think makes playing at their site a much better social experience.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy To Sign Up

Signing up to Bingocams is extremely simple and the online registration form only took around 30 seconds to fill in; basically it only asks for username, password, e-mail address and date of birth.  Once you have signed up you will be sent an email with an activation link, simply click on this link and your brand new BingoCams account will be activated and you will be able to start playing bingo.  Bingocams have said that it can take up to five minutes for you to receive this email; however this is only a guestimate as our notification arrived into our inbox within seconds.

Bucket Loads of Bingo Bonuses

Once your email account has been created you will notice that they have topped it up with a free £5 bingo bonus, so that you can try out some of their games for free.  Once you are ready to make your first deposit, then you will be in for another treat, as they will triple your first deposit with a 200% bingo bonus.  If you were therefore to deposit £10, then Bingo Cams will give you a £20 bingo bonus, which means that you would have a neat £30 to play with.  The maximum bonus you can receive on your first deposit is an impressive £100.

Bingocams also regularly sends out emails to their online bingo players, which will supply them with bonus codes to claim extra bingo bonuses on subsequent deposits they go on to make; so make sure you check your inbox before you make a re-deposit.

Check Out Their Bingo Rooms

We were pleased to see that there are a wide range of 90 ball bingo rooms available which range from between 5p and £2.50 per card.  However, we would have liked to see 75 ball or Swedish bingo games playing at their site; we are hopeful that this will be something that they will think about adding in the future.

We decided to purchase a couple of cards into their 10p Bubblegum room and were really surprised when we entered the room, as it is a completely different design to most other sites.  For example: Bingocams seems to focus more on the social aspect of online bingo as the chat box takes pride of place in the room, with your bingo cards being at the top of the room.  You can also see a list of all the members currently in the room with you, on the right hand side of the screen.  In their bingo rooms you can also create a profile for yourself by selecting or creating an avatar and answering a couple of questions about yourself.

Live Win Moments

When you are playing bingo at Bingocams you can choose to either have your webcam on or off whilst playing, and let’s face it you wouldn’t really want anyone to see you if you had your face mask on or your undies.  However, it is more of a benefit to you to have it on, as if you get lucky enough to bingo on a full house, then you will be asked if you want to film a ‘Live Win Moment’.  By accepting to do this you will automatically be paid an additional 15% of your full house prize in the form of a bingo bonus.  So if you won £20, then you would be given an additional bingo bonus of £3 for filming your Live Win Moment.  That’s not all though………as Bingocams also selects the funniest and craziest live win moment each month, to win a huge cash prize of £1,000 – so you might want to think something up before you start playing.

Talk Face To Face

The main benefit of playing at Bingocams is that you get to know your fellow bingo buddies and CMs on a more personal level, as you can actually talk to them face to face.  It makes a refreshing change to actually be able to see the players that you are talking to, as at other sites you usually don’t have the foggiest of what other players look like.  You can also choose to have multiple private chats using your webcam with your bingo buddies as well.

Loyalty Pays at Bingocams

If you become a regular player at Bingocams, then boy will you be rewarded……They have made up their very own loyalty scheme, which rewards their players with points each time they win at their site.  The amount of points you have depends on your player status and each time you move up a status you will be rewarded with a random bingo bonus.  For example if you reach the Diamond 5 status, then you will win a bingo bonus between £2,000 and £20,000.

A Wide Range of Progressive Jackpots

Another unusual feature at Bingocams is that they have a progressive jackpot running in each of their online bingo rooms, which can be won by gaining a bingo win on a full house in 40 calls or less.  The best progressive jackpots though has to be their ‘Big Bang’ progressive jackpot, which can be won in any of their bingo rooms by gaining a bingo win on a full house in 32 calls or less.

Get Spinning to Win

Bingocams has also recently introduced some instant games to their site, so players can now enjoy a range of table games, 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots and progressive slot games.


Stuck with Something?

Then there will be no need to get your knickers in a twist trying to sort the problem out yourself, as Bingocams boasts a helpdesk, which answers some of the most common questions, as well as 24 hour online support.

To Conclude

Bingocams is a unique online bingo site that offers their members the chance to play live bingo whilst chatting with their friends over their webcams.  So if you want to have a better social experience, whilst playing a couple of games of bingo, then Bingocams will be the site for you.  So why not check them out today?


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