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If you are an avid watcher of the soap Emmerdale then the Tombola name will already be familiar to you, as they are the sponsors of the program.  But for those who aren’t it’s not hard to see why Tombola has won the accolade of being the best bingo site in the UK and why it is growing in popularity amongst the bingo industry.

The registration is an easy 3 step process, first of all you need to choose an username and fill in details of your email address and set a password, then you’ll be taken to the next section where you need to fill in your name, address and date of birth etc and then finally you need to complete your financial details.  New players who deposit cash into their accounts will receive a 200% deposit bonus; so if you deposited £10 you would receive an additional £20 absolutely free.  From the moment you complete the registration process you’ll find that you have no end of choices as to which games you want to play.


The homepage is a little too busy for my liking but that’s just because they seem to be trying to combine everything onto one page instead of having separate pages to tell you about their specials, promotions or jackpot winners. Certainly if you like to have all the necessary information right before your eyes then you will find it here.

In the top right hand corner you can see how many other players are currently playing online which when I was on there was over 3,000 but don’t let that put you off as it takes only one ticket to win and yours could be the winning ticket.   Plus on the left hand side of the homepage you have the links to all the games that can be played at Tombola.


As Tombola is a standalone bingo site that uses its own proprietary software you are guaranteed a unique playing experience and a fair selection of games that you will not find elsewhere.  They have also created some twists on the normal 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo variations, and have come up with some new games such as Bingo 50, Knockout Bingo and Bingo Roulette; this all helps to aid the appeal of playing bingo at Tombola and certainly keeps things fresh.

For the Bingo 50 game, or bubble wrap bingo as its affectionately known, you have the choice of 4 price variations ranging from 25p to £1 so your winnings will depend on which price tickets you purchase.  Each player will receive 5 bingo tickets with 10 numbers on them and the object of the game is to pop the numbers on your card to complete a 1 line win and then full house first to win the cash prize.

The aim of Knockout Bingo is the reverse of normal bingo, as you want to be left with a bingo card with no numbers marked off.  Each player will receive 6 bingo cards, as soon as a number that is on one of your cards is called, that card is knocked out.  If you are the last player standing with a card with no numbers marked then you will win the cash prize. You then need to try and keep your card clean for 45 calls to win the jackpot cash prize on top of your winning game prize.

In Bingo Roulette you have the opportunity of buying up to 4 sets of 8 coloured chips to place on the roulette table.  If you are the first player whose 8 chips of the same colour have been called then you can claim the winners prize.

Other games

As well as bingo games, Tombola offers players a selection of other games to enjoy including Cinco, which is a card based game, Hamster Races which is a virtual race so you have to try and select the winning hamster. Rollercoaster is a game where you can select up to 4 cars, which you then need to fill with the bingo ball characters who fall off the rollercoaster. Bandit is a slots game where you earn points each spin, top the leaderboard at the end of 15 spins and you’ll win the cash prize. There’s also an online variation of the old classic board game, Battleships.  As you can see, there is a game for almost everyone at Tombola and to suit every budget, as all games give you a choice as to how much you want to spend.

No this is not anything to do with the Playboy mansion at Tombola Bingo you can refer a friend to the site and if they join and name you as their playmate you will receive a £5 bonus once they have wagered the required amount of £25.  But that’s not all if they win you could also receive a small bonus of £1 for wins of £20 or more, £5 for £50 and so on.  You can only nominate one person as your playmate to receive a bonus when you win but more than one person can nominate you.

In brief….

Tombola is a fantastic site to play at if you are bored with the huge amount of white label, network sites that currently seem to be launching almost weekly.  In our opinion this is a site that will suit players who are looking for a bit more of an entertaining bingo and instant games experience.


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